VeriTrust helps marketers automate the digital ad audit process.

Our technology captures a digital fingerprint of every ad impression to answer marketers question ‘am I getting what I am paying for?’ (i.e., if you purchased a ‘video placement’, but delivered in a ‘banner spot’). If our technology recognizes an impression as ‘misrepresented’, we flag it and generate a screenshot for review.

In addition to screenshots, VeriTrust provides actionable insights to make optimizations, eliminate misrepresentation, and boost performance.




VeriTrust’s solutions focus on three main pillars of misrepresented inventory – ad size, ad placement, and the context environment.

VeriTrust Misrepresentation.png

Our technology dynamically audits each impression to identify misrepresented inventory per campaign based on targeting. For example, if a media buyer targets ‘sports context’ for campaign one - and - ‘finance context’ for campaign two, our audit will report back accordingly for each unique targeting criteria (i.e., if an impression served with ‘political context’, we would flag that as misrepresented for both campaigns). If an impression is flagged as misrepresented, our technology can generate a screenshot of the ad environment to provide proof of delivery and hold supply partners accountable.




VeriTrust’s solution is very easy to implement via an industry-standard JavaScript.




Veritrust will provide actionable insights and optimization recommendations to decrease MI and bolster performance.

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