VeriTrust has built platform that helps marketers identify and rectify the problem of 'misrepresented inventory'. Our technology captures a digital fingerprint of every impression to confirm marketers are getting what they are paying for (i.e., you bought a video placement, but you actually ran in a banner). If our machine learning technology recognizes misrepresented inventory, we can provide a real screenshot of the player on the webpage for your review.

In addition to screenshots, VeriTrust provides actionable insights to make optimizations, eliminate fraud, and boost performance.




VeriTrust’s solutions focus on three main pillars of misrepresented inventory – ad size, ad placement/location, and the context environment.

VeriTrust Misrepresentation.png

Our solutions identify fraudulent activity that can be broad stroking or unique to each campaign. For example, if a media buyer purchased all in-stream placements, we would focus on identifying out-stream, banner, or any non-in-stream placements as the fraudulent, misrepresented inventory the buyer actually received. Our technology leverages data specific to individual media plans to determine ad placement and environment quality. By screenshotting impressions, we're strengthening our machine learning technology and providing tangible proof of fraud to hold bad actors accountable.




VeriTrust’s solution is very easy to implement via an industry-standard ad wrapper or JavaScript SDK (software development kit).

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Veritrust will provide actionable insights and optimization recommendations to decrease MI and bolster performance.

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