VeriTrust has developed automated ad audit technology that analyzes every impression and provides marketers with the most advanced, transparent, and accurate data on exactly where their ads are delivering.

Our technology functions post-impression and captures a digital fingerprint (ad size, ad placement, contextual environment, supply source, etc.) of every impression served for our automated ad audit. Via our machine learning technology (patent pending) we analyze the digital fingerprint data to qualify if the delivered ad placement matches the purchased ad placement. If we identify an impression as ‘misrepresented’ we flag it and report back to our partners to rectify.

Misrep Inventory_Mac Image.png

VeriTrust has written, tested, and optimized our own machine learning algorithms specifically designed to detect misrepresented digital ad inventory. Our proprietary machine learning technology integrates with industry leading artificial intelligence databases and infrastructures to ensure data accuracy, security, and efficiency.